Jay Yagnik

Jay Yagnik

Hatha & Yin

Beoefen Hatha Yoga en Yin Yoga met instructeur Jay Yagnik bij Yogapoint Nijmegen. Jay, een ervaren yogadocent, biedt yogalessen op elk niveau.

Wat ben je voor persoon en wat is jouw achtergrond en historie als yogabeoefenaar en yogadocent?

My journey into Yoga began at a very early age, since my mother is a Yoga teacher. I grew up listening to spiritual chants and various ancient Indian spiritual stories and literature. So, as a child, I grew up practicing yoga on a daily basis and it became a part of me. I decided to delve deeper into the study of yoga after finishing my masters degree in Physics, and I enrolled for a diploma in yoga education. Here I studied the background and theory of practices like Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga.

After I moved to the Netherlands for further study in Physics and Astronomy in 2017, I slowly moved away from the daily practices of yoga and found myself getting frequently burnt out with managing study and part time work. I started practicing yoga again during the first Covid lockdown in 2020 and also began teaching online lessons during the same time. I felt the immediate impacts of this practice and I decided to continue the same even after my study was concluded.

Wat inspireert jou in het beoefenen en onderwijzen van yoga?

“For me, yoga is just a lifestyle. The practice of Ashtanga (eight limb / step) yoga begins with basic rules for daily life, and only after practicing these rules we go to asanas or yoga positions. Once you begin following these practices, yoga just becomes a lifestyle.”

Welke yogastijl onderwijs je en wat kunnen studenten verwachten van jouw lessen?

“I have experience in teaching Hatha and Yin yoga, where I teach yoga positions and breathing practices to my students. I like to give some background and theoretical knowledge of the practices during the class and challenge my students progressively over the weeks of their learning. I usually teach several variations of difficult poses and over time, all of my students have gone from performing the easiest variation to the hardest one. So, my class is designed to accommodate all levels of practitioners.”

Favoriete quote

कमयवे ािधकारते मा फलषे ु कदाचन। (Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,)
मा कमफलहेतभु मू ा ते सगोऽवकमिण॥ (Ma Karmaphalaheturbhurma Te Sangostvakarmani)
Meaning: You have the right to your work (karma) but never in the result of that work. Thus, your motivation should not be the results, but the work itself. Also, do not be attached to inaction.

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Is Yoga helemaal nieuw voor jou?

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